Terms of Service

The Blaster Builders Club Uploader service is a no charge service offered to registered members of the BBC online forum. Registered members of the BBC forum are licensed to post these pictures on any online hobby forum or community that they frequent (i.e. RPF, A.S.A.P, etc)

The use of this service in any other venue, personal webspace, for-profit venture or for any illegal application is strictly prohibited.

Users of this service are solely responsible for the content of the images that they upload and/or use.

The BBC and the hosting entity of this service offer no warranty, either expressed or implied, to the maintenance or availablity of any images uploaded using this service.

Images uploaded become the property of the wolfchasers.com and can be deleted as server space or administrator whim requires.

User accounts or images that are found to be in violation of these terms are subject to deletion. No notification will be required prior to this action..

Use of this sevice constitutes agreement with these terms.